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3D and Immersive Scholarship Support at Florida State University Libraries

The 3D and Immersive Scholarship Support Strategic Initiative at Florida State University Libraries is an initiative focused on developing and expanding support for virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D scanning, and 3D printing services at the university. This new initiative supports the use of these innovative technologies during the research process, in pedagogical applications, and as a form of scholarly output in new and creative ways.

DigiNole 3D Model Viewer Feature Update Lighthouse of the Big Bend Archaeology Day FSU Biomedical Engineering Project Florence Study Center Museum Exhibition“Art Appreciation” Classroom Instruction

DigiNole 3D Model Viewer Feature Update | Summer 2021 — Present

DigiNole is Florida State University’s unified platform for FSU-created and maintained digital resources providing access to a wide range of different materials in the Digital Library and Research Repository. The Digital Repository features FSU’s theses and dissertations, open access research and digitized archival collections.

Since the launch of the upgraded system in the Summer of 2021, the Immersive Scholarship Team and the Libraries’ internal DigiNole Working Group have begun exploring adding a 3D object viewer feature.

Lighthouse of the Big Bend Archaeology Day | October 2021

In partnership with the Classics Archaeology Club and the Anthropology Club, the Immersive Scholarship team was invited to create 3D models for “Lighting the Way to Archaeology,” an annual archaeology-based outreach event hosted by student clubs from Florida State University. Lighting the Way to Archaeology is a program where tactile activities and 3D printed objects are used to give visually impaired participants physical access to ancient Etruscan artifacts and the processes of archaeological excavation. The project specifically works with children from the Lighthouse of the Big Bend of Florida (LBB), a nonprofit agency dedicated to helping people with vision loss through direct services, community engagement, and education.

FSU Biomedical Engineering Project | Summer 2021

In the summer of 2021, a team of researchers from the Biological Engineering program reached out to the Immersive Scholarship team for help prototyping a model “swimmer” that could navigate in a liquid. In consultation with the Immersive Scholarship team, the model went through several iterations that refined the experimental iteration features.

Florence Study Center Museum Exhibition | Summer 2021

In collaboration with Dr. Nancy de Grummond of the FSU Classics department and head of the long-running Cetamura del Chianti excavation in Tuscany, Italy, DRS contributed several 3D printed artefact replicas for a new museum display unveiled at the FSU Florence Study Center in the summer of 2021. This year marks the 48th anniversary of the FSU-helmed excavation, and the first in a new study center in Florence. To mark the occasion and share recent finds from the excavation of the Etruscan and Roman site at Cetamura, replicas of several archaeological finds were produced to give FSU Florence students and visitors insight into the various types of finds this site has produced.

Art Appreciation Classroom Instruction | Summer 2021

During the summer of 2021, an instructor for the FSU International Programs’ Florence Study Center requested 3D-printed models of famous Florentine architecture and sculpture to assist in teaching the students of an art appreciation class. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the rapidly-changing nature of museum and gallery closings, teaching on-location at these sites was expected to be impossible, and backup options like these models allowed for the display of various aspects of architectural and art historical components even without access to the physical originals.

Immersive Scholarship Tools and Technologies

The Immersive Scholarship Team collaborates with faculty, students, and researchers on finding, evaluating, and implementing digital tools and technologies to create innovative scholarly outputs. We provide consultation on the use and application of technologies in these areas throughout all stages of the research cycle.

Areas we currently specialize in include digital cultural heritage, 3D modeling and printing, extended reality, data visualization, and GIS mapping.

Digital Cultural Heritage

We support campus-wide digital cultural heritage projects and pedagogy by providing specialized research consultations, resource guides, and training on digital humanities tools and platforms.

Extended Reality

Extended Reality is an umbrella term that refers to immersive technologies including virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality. We are interested in exploring the application of these technologies as research and scholarly dissemination tools.

3D Modeling

Through a variety of 3D modeling tools and software, the Immersive Scholarship Team is working to investigate the scholarly application of 3D digitization and reconstruction methods.

Data Visualization

In partnership with the FSU Libraries Digital Humanities team, we focus on the application of data-centric visualization methods for humanities scholarship and aim to provide accessible ways to understand and communicate information.

3D Printing

As one of the most tangible parts of our support of immersive scholarship, our team is interested in exploring the application of 3D printing technologies in cultural heritage and scholarly communications contexts.

GIS Mapping

Using GIS tools to create maps, visualize patterns, and perform spatial data analysis, we partner with the FSU Libraries GIS Librarian and team to support mapping applications in the creative arts, humanities, and social sciences.

Immersive Scholarship Resources

With topics ranging from digital publishing and cultural heritage work to 3D data visualization and extended reality tools and technologies,
view the resources below to learn more about research services the Immersive Scholarship team offers and work we are engaged with.

Immersive Scholarship In Practice

View a constantly-evolving annotated bibliography of scholarship that exemplifies new & engaging implementations of emerging technologies supported by the Immersive Scholarship team.

Immersive Scholarship Team Blog

An actively updated blog by the Immersive Scholarship team featuring posts, articles, and projects related to immersive scholarship and digital humanities.

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