3D and Immersive
Scholarship at FSU Libraries

The Immersive Scholarship Initiative contributes to the collaborative environment on
campus, helping to build an interdisciplinary community of practice by developing and
hosting workshops, tutorials, and events to share skills and knowledge across campus.

The Immersive Scholarship Team

For several years, the Office of Digital Research and Scholarship (DRS) has collaborated with faculty and students on finding, evaluating, and implementing digital tools and technologies into their research to create innovative scholarly outputs. The Immersive Scholarship Initiative was created to expand support for research on campus that utilizes 3D data through the forms of 3D printing, virtual reality, augmented reality, and interactive 3D publications. This new initiative provides additional resources to strengthen research support for the use and application of three-dimensional data, and the technologies that generate and utilize it, throughout all stages of the research cycle.

Our goal is to both meet individual needs and enhance the knowledge-base of the campus and Libraries’ community while dually striving
to advocate for and enhance the Libraries’ technological capacities and infrastructure for supporting new kinds of scholarship.

Supporting 3D and Immersive Scholarship at FSU Libraries

The Immersive Scholarship team is dedicated to expanding support for 3D digital technologies and immersive scholarship at Florida State University Libraries. We actively work to create new partnerships with researchers interested in using 3D scanning, 3D printing, and virtual reality technologies for scholarly outputs.

Matthew Hunter — Digital Scholarship Librarian

Matt is the Digital Scholarship Librarian in the Florida State University Libraries Office of Digital Research and Scholarship. His work centers around providing technology and application support for faculty performing digital scholarship of all kinds, focusing primarily on novel avenues for humanistic inquiry and the dissemination of scholarly work. Matt’s current research interests include spatial humanities, data visualization, and extended reality applications in humanities research, as well as issues related to digital cultural heritage.

Amanda Elena Brito — Immersive Scholarship Graduate Assistant

Amanda recently completed an M.A. in Museum and Cultural Heritage Studies at Florida State University. Her research focuses on contemporary Latin American and Caribbean visual culture with an emphasis on socially engaged, decolonial art practice. Her current research mines the intersection of the digital humanities and Caribbean time-based media, with a special interest in Cuban cultural production.

Immersive Scholarship Team Alumni

Yatil Etherly — Immersive Scholarship Research Assistant, Fall 2020 – Summer 2022
Grace Robbins — Digital Cultural Heritage Intern, 2019 – 2021
Hannah Geerlings — Digital Cultural Heritage Intern, Summer 2019
Hannah Hunt — Digital Cultural Heritage Intern, Summer 2019

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