New for Fall! 2023 FSU Libraries Photogrammetry Institute, round 2

The Photogrammetry Institute is a semester-long series of talks and workshops centered on approaches to (and applications of) 3D data modeling in scholarly and creative academic fields, hosted by the Florida State University Libraries’ Office of Digital Research and Scholarship. For the second semester in a row, this program will explore the multivalent uses of computer-aided remote sensing approaches (with an emphasis on 3D and photogrammetry) across the sciences and humanities to foster a collaborative, cross-disciplinary environment for the exchange of ideas.  Events will rotate between project showcases, panel discussions, and hands-on workshops throughout the semester. For the second round of this series, participants will spend more time working hands-on with photogrammetry and 3D capture methods, hosted by experts at FSU Libraries and the Research Computing Center.

This season’s events

Workshop 1: Introduction to Photogrammetry

Friday, September 8th 
Location: Strozier Library, R&D Commons (Lower Level)

10-11:30 AM

Led by Marcelina Nagales, this introductory workshop will equip individuals, regardless of their prior experience or background, with the necessary skills to create accurate and detailed 3D models from photographs.

Workshop 2: Advanced Photogrammetry Techniques

Friday, October 13th 
Location: Strozier Library, Zimmerman Instruction Classroom (107A)

10-11:30 AM

Building on the introductory workshop, this interactive session will cover advanced software techniques and photogrammetric workflows. Courtesy of the FSU Research Computing Center, participants will learn how to use Agisoft Metashape to align images, generate dense point clouds, and map textures. Prior account registration necessary.

Workshop 3: Photogrammetry for Archaeology and Cultural Heritage

Friday November 17th
Location: Strozier Library, R&D Commons (Lower Level)

10-11:30 AM

Focusing on the application of photogrammetry in archaeology and cultural heritage, this workshop will explore techniques for capturing and documenting artifacts, archaeological sites, and historical buildings. Participants will learn about the importance of preserving cultural heritage and how photogrammetry can contribute to these efforts.

More events coming soon!