Spring 2023 FSU Libraries Photogrammetry Institute

The Photogrammetry Institute is a semester-long series of talks and workshops centered on approaches to (and applications of) 3D data modeling in scholarly and creative academic fields, hosted by the Florida State University Libraries’ Office of Digital Research and Scholarship. Our program explores the multivalent uses of computer-aided remote sensing approaches (with an emphasis on 3D and photogrammetry) across the sciences and humanities to foster a collaborative, cross-disciplinary environment for the exchange of ideas.  Events will rotate between project showcases, panel discussions, and hands-on workshops throughout the semester.

Past events

Spring 2023 Event 1: Capture

Marcelina Nagales (Research Computing Center) and Dr. Mark Bourassa (Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies)
discussed their use of various remote sensing technologies and how data capture, processing, and presentation
aid their research practices. No prior experience necessary.

Spring 2023 Event 2: Process

Marcelina Nagales discusses best practices in 3D modeling within cultural heritage contexts.
This talk highlights key differences between conventional 3D scanning methods and photogrammetric
technologies and how their applications differ for use in digital reconstruction.

Spring 2023 Event 3: Applications of Photogrammetry:
Film and Popular Media

Immersive Scholarship graduate assistant Amanda Brito presents on the evolution of visual effects and photogrammetric technology in films such as The Matrix (1999) and Fight Club (1999). The lecture is followed by a discussion of the digital humanities in relation to contemporary popular media.

Spring 2023 Event 4: Applications of Photogrammetry:
Dance and the Digital Arts

This event is a panel discussion centered on approaches to 3D technology in both dance and the digital arts.
Panelists include Daniel Smith, Keith Roberson, and Tiffany Rhynard.

Spring 2023 Event 5: Documentation and Preservation

This discussion brings together 3D research practitioners and library professionals to discuss the
technological infrastructure components needed to best suit the demands of their research.
Discussion is led by Dr. Michael Carrasco and Dave Rodriguez and include topics such as
model reproducibility, preservation, dissemination, and Paradata.

Spring 2023 Event 6: Implementation:
Classical Archaeology

Dr. Andrea De Giorgi, Matthew Hunter, and Allison Elizabeth Smith for a discussion surrounding the challenges,
strategies, and opportunities of photogrammetry and 3D modeling in archaeological research.
Panelists will additionally address the intersections of these technologies and techniques with
cultural heritage research, preservation, and education— particularly as they pertain to museums and public engagement.

Spring 2023 Event 7: Publication

In this event, FSU Digital Scholarship Librarian Matt Hunter discussed platforms and strategies such as Sketchfab and Thingiverse as means of sharing out 3D models produced
by photogrammetry. Immersive Scholarship Graduate Assistant Amanda Brito also discusses how sharing 3D models can be used for the promotion of
cultural heritage preservation, conservation, and scholarly outputs such as publications.

Spring 2023 Event 8: History of the Method

For our eighth and final event of the Spring 2023 series,  Tra Bouscaren, Assistant Professor and Digital Media Area Head in the FSU Department of Art,
discusses the history of photogrammetry as a method of capture closely related to the history of film,
and how this has affected its implementation throughout its development.